Concrete reinforcement and steel structures

Since 1994 we have been supplying our customers with concrete reinforcement and construction fittings throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since the very beginning we have specialized in supplying non-standard dimensions for welded meshes and concrete reinforcements. Our products are assembled in our plant and are placed into moulds and formwork at the destination site. This means that customers do not have to worry about binding reinforcements and correcting any dimensional deviations. In the case of large structures or bulk plants we set up a reinforcing shop at the customer’s site in order to avoid any losses involved in transporting reinforcements and so as not to interrupt the smooth production process. All our products include a company eligibility certificate, welding supervision, welders’ qualifications and quality control documentation for materials used in concrete reinforcements. Upon request we can supply all the building fittings required for the concreting work and which are placed in the concrete element.
Our products
•    Atypical welded mesh sizes from 6/6 in diameter to 14/14 in diameter; these diameters can be combined in any way
•    Spatial fittings from 6 in diameter to 32 in diameter. These are either bonded or welded; with larger orders this work is performed at the destination site.
•    Concrete reinforcements used for highway and motorway construction in the Czech Republic are produced in accordance with the applicable Technical Conditions and Technical Quality Conditions for Highway Construction
•    We supply building fittings, including hot-dip galvanizing or zinc galvanizing, or made from stainless steel
•    We are certified for welding reinforcing steels in accordance with ČSN EN ISO 17660-1 (Welding – Welding Reinforcing Steel – Part 1: Supporting Welded Joints)
•    All work carried out on railings and other structures used in highway construction is performed in accordance with the applicable Technical Quality Conditions for Highway Construction
•    Steel structures in accordance with ČSN EN 1090-2+A1