Vráblík s.r.o. company manufacturing programme

Moulding technology

  • Moulds for the production of flat panel elements: road, ceiling and loggia panels as well as pads for production of atypical order objects.
  • Moulds for production of rod and pre-stressed (pre-tensioned) elements: skeletons, roof trusses and bridge beams MK-T.
  • Moulds for production of circular segments: sewers, galleries/drifts, road tunnels. The moulds are either one or multi-part according to the diameters.
  • Moulds for making square segments: culverts under railway tracks and roads, subways and other water and road constructions.
  • Folding tables and mats for the production of noise barriers and other repetitive productions in large series.
  • Piece moulds: for atypical architecturally designed orders. All other forms that we will be happy to produce for you.
  • Service and accessory equipment: vibration stands, vibration perception thresholds, concrete containers, transport and freight vehicles, storage and transport stands and others as required

Steel structures

  • Welded steel structures of bridges and pedestrian or cycling paths.
  • Steel halls and structures including project documentation.
  • Crane tracks.
  • Building fittings.
  • Laser and plasma shapes including press brake folding.
  • Robotic workplace for welding a large number of identical parts.
  • CNC milling and turning.

Concrete reinforcement

  • Bent concrete reinforcement.
  • Customized concrete netting
  • Welded reinforcement according to drawings.
  • Bending of reinforcing bars up to 40 mm in diameter.
  • Transport including the possibility of unloading/assembling the reinforcement into place.

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