Our company

Vráblík has been operating for 18 years now and has always been a family firm. Since it was established the firm has been owned by Ing. Josef Vráblík. Like many other firms, it has developed rapidly during this time.
1992 – 1996
The main subject of our business is mediation and the purchase of goods for resale. The majority of our business involves supplies of reinforcing steel and construction meshes. This is the time we start modifying the dimensions of the products we purchase by cutting and partially bending them.
1996 – 2000
In 1996 the firm changes its registered office and its new premises enable it to start manufacturing its own products. In the following years it invests considerable sums in innovating its technological equipment and production increases as a result. At this point most of our production comprises bending concrete reinforcements and manufacturing atypical meshes.
2000 – 2010
Owing to the quality and reliability of our products and services our products become integral features in some of the largest construction projects in the country. At the beginning of the year 2000 we started manufacturing moulding equipment for concrete production, which would soon become our firm’s principle specialization in the coming years. In terms of woodworking we move on from simple basic wood mass processing to drying and the final processing of timber.
2011 – the present day
our activities can currently be profiled as follows:
1.    Production of moulding equipment for concrete plants
2.    Processing concrete reinforcing steel and binding fittings at the destination site
3.    Production of atypical meshes for prefab plants
4.    Production of steel structures
5.    Production of construction fittings
6.    Production of planed semi-finished products for furniture

We are sure that our customers will continue to be just as satisfied with our products and services as they have been up to now.
Ing. Josef Vráblík
company owner